Kathy White is a textile artist in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. She uses natural materials like wool and sweet smelling beeswax to reflect the subtle beauty of plants, animals, and rural scenery throughout the seasons. The linear nature of wool yarn adds a graphic element to her work and contributes a sense of movement and atmosphere to her pieces. 

White’s work is influenced by Maxfield Parrish, Charley Harper, Vincent Van Gogh, and Georgia O’Keefe. Like these artists, she depicts big blue skies and small plants, working in her own unique medium. The halo of fibers created by the wool softens the divisions between colors and adds a dreamy haze to her work.

White has explored a variety of techniques throughout her art career - oil, acrylic, watercolor, ceramics and even spent time as a commercial graphic artist. Throughout all of it, she kept coming back to her knitting and an alarmingly large stash of yarn. Finally she realized she loved the qualities of wool and began to create textile art pieces. 

Her work is influenced by traditional needlecraft and historic floral imagery. White is motivated to use both the materials and skills that have been passed to her by previous generations of women.