It is deeply satisfying to work with organic and tactile materials like natural fibre yarns, beeswax and wood. I like the way they feel and smell. The problems and solutions posed by working with a linear material such as yarn are intriguing. There is lots of room for textural play in the combination of soft wool fibres and smooth, fragrant beeswax.

I try to approach my work as a practice in the same sense that yoga is a practice, constantly unfolding, different every day, a call and response dance that requires daily checking in. Like everything, some days are better than others.

Raised in rural south western Ontario, my early years included organizations like Girl Guides and 4-H. The people who volunteered their time to those organizations were my first teachers in making things, after my mother and grandmother who were both dedicated and talented makers themselves. These early lessons imprinted strongly and show themselves time and again in my practice.