Saturday, October 3, 2015

Vogue Knitting Live! - Chicago 2015

So exciting to be in Chicago again! Man, I love the buildings in this city. I keep having to remind myself to close my mouth when we're out walking. I want to just stop and stare at the skyline to take in all the layers of old and new architecture.

For VKL 2015, I created a piece called Alabama Spring. The above photo shows it in the making and gives you a peek into my studio (with yarn, of course.) All that lovely Knit Picks Palette!

Alabama Spring was inspired by - well - driving through Alabama in the Spring. All along the highway were misty grey-green forests with sudden punches of vivid pink/purple. It was fascinating and so refreshing after a long winter of grey slush. Like spotting a rare animal. I found out that the bright buds were on redbud trees.

For me, Alabama Spring represents the completion of a thought I started exploring two years ago. I was really working on motion of yarn in this piece, contrasting the vertical lines of the deep forest with the busy all over-ness of the foreground and the tree buds.

If you're here at VKL, come on over to the artist gallery on the 4th floor and see the finished product!